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Hello! Thank you for dropping by and checking out the studio here at Cornerstone Therapies. My name is Jenny Walker, and I have been a qualified therapist since 1999 and have successfully run Cornerstone Therapies from 2004. 

I am what is know as a "Practising Academic". I have spent over two decades in furthering my knowledge in the realms of restorative and advanced clinical massage therapy, gross anatomy, and rehabilitation in order to help you as much as I can.


The outlook I have in blending my practice with academia is unique at this level. This harmonious approach has enabled the work that is celebrated here at Cornerstone Therapies to be continuously grounded in the authority and foundation of research in human bio-psycho-social and biological science. 

I am currently studying at the University of the West of England (UWE) for my Master's degree in rehabilitation. My dissertation based around a qualitative study to investigate the benefits of co-producing clinical massage based musculoskeletal rehabilitation research between academics, healthcare practices and massage schools. This knowledge mobilization includes looking at how we can span the boundaries of care for the welfare of our clients. 
In my second year, my elective classes are on Chronic Fatigue and musculoskeletal pain management.


My first-year electives were on knowledge mobilization, management and leadership and the autonomous practice of clinicians. (Although we all know the truth, Mr Finchley, my cat, is the real management leader in this whole affair.) 

In the past, I have spent time at St Andrew's University with Gil Hedley. He ran summer schools for those wanting to study human anatomy through dissection. I have had the privilege of being in the labs with him twice in Scotland, as well as New Jersey USA. In the same manner, I have been taught by Julian Baker at Imperial College London. In total, I clocked up around 700 hours in the lab. These adventures lead me to be invited into the Institute of Anatomical Sciences, and I am one of the very few bodyworkers that have enjoyed the privilege of their membership.


My level 6 degree in Advanced Clinical Massage was achieved through the Jing School of Massage. Rachel Fairweather, the Yoda of anatomy and massage, was my supervising lecturer through the five years I was under their tutelage. When you are at Cornerstone Therapies, you will experience their core teachings of heat, fascia release, massage, trigger point work, stretching and teaching. You will learn about your body here; you are not passive in your journey to improved health. 

My original studies were with Guildford College of technology, and when asked, I always advise those seeking to start massage therapy as a career to look at their local colleges. These vocational diplomas are vital to building the cornerstones of your practice and knowledge, and as you can work while you learn, you gain crucial tacit and experiential knowledge. 

Outside of work, I love the time spent with my friends. Coffee, wine, food; they are all better when shared with people! I'm a passionate reader but hold hard to the wise advice that when you are an adult, there is no requirement to finish a bad book. I also enjoy knitting, sewing and deisgn. My life is relaxed, easy, packed with laughter, joy and peace. I am grateful for the blessings on a daily basis. 

I am looking forward to meeting you soon and hearing all about you! I am delighted to be able to help you on your way to a more comfortable future in your body.