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Joy Of The Mountains

February is the month that we are celebrating the people around us by showing them love and appreciation for all that they bring to us. Our family, friends and work colleagues all offer us the chance to explore life to a deep level and it’s great to show them how much we love and appreciate them.

This blog is dedicated to our partners; those who form the foundations on which we stand. Whether it is the coffee they bring us in the mornings, the fact that they help with the washing up and gardening, or the time they spend with us on date night. The little gifts are so precious and it is wonderful to acknowledge them with time and gentle, safe touch through out the year.

Massage is a fantastic way to connect with our partners on a regular basis, as time spent in each other’s company is the thing that we remember the most. We can fall on these memories when we want to enjoy the highlights of happy times together.

This aromatherapy blend is a beautiful blend of mountain flowers that is neither masculine or feminine dominant. It’s delicate yet robust nature is perfect for massaging the whole body and will bring clarity to the mind and lift the soul.

Sweet Basil oil - The King Of The Mountains. In Greek, Basil means “The King”, and in Greece Basil is also referred to as “Joy Of The Mountains”. Known to expel the vapours of melancholia from the heart, it is also a wonderful headache clearer.

Rose oil - The Queen Of The Flowers. Rose helps to clear the mind of sadness and release tension in the body. It is a precious oil, distilled from many roses, and is thought to be the first flower to be steam distilled by the Arabian alchemist Avicenna in the 10th Century.

Melissa oil - The Honey Flower is rare and golden, adding a wonderful lift to any blend, helping to lower blood pressure, calm a tired mind and soothe the nerves, whilst uplifting the soul.

The King and Queen of oils work in harmony as the perfect aphrodisiac pairing, with the warmth of the honey flower enveloping the body.

Camellia Seed Oil - From the tea gardens of the mountains, this oil is ideal for sensitive skin that needs nurturing, and is the perfect rare oil for this blend. Offering the feeling of luxury under the fingers, Camellia also looks after the whole body.


Majestic Mountain Joy Oil Blend

Place 15ml of Camellia oil in a small dish

Add 1 drop of Rose Oil

1 drop of Melissa

2 drops of Sweet Basil

This is a 2% dilution blend

Not suitable for sensitive skin. Do not use if pregnant.


Make sure when you are massaging your partner that you are both comfortable, warm and relaxed. There is no point in making your body ache whilst you try to give a massage as you will not enjoy it, your hands will be tense and your partner will be uncomfortable - remember; it’s supposed to be fun!

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