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Touch It

Spring has sprung, and as I write this I am looking at the most beautiful bunch of anemones on my desk. March is a wonderful month, full of colour after the winter and there is often a scent of blossom on the air that lifts the spirits. It’s the best of times for me to look at the year ahead with renewed passion and bounce!

I love massage; it’s one of my favourite things in the world to give and receive and this month I want to get back to the roots of it, look at it in-depth and see why it is such a wonderful experience and what makes a massage treatment the best thing in the diary to look forward to.

Massage is touch based communication. Put simply, when a hand touches skin the recipients body changes. In the first edition of Ashley Montagu’s seminal work “Touching; The human significance of the skin” he opened his preface with this statement:

“This book is about the skin as a tactile organ very much involved, not alone physically but also behaviourally, in the growth and development of the organism.”

In the third edition he opened his preface with:

“We in the western world are beginning to discover our neglected senses. This growing awareness represents something of an overdue insurgency against the painful deprivation of sensory experience we have suffered in our technologized world. The ability of Western man to relate to his fellowman has lagged far behind his ability to relate to consumer goods.”

In these two statements we get to the nub of a lot of problems that I see at Cornerstone Therapies; Skin, which is an envelops our ever changing organism (the body), needs to be touched and we simply do not touch it enough in a world built around values of consumerism rather than relations between people.

Don’t get me wrong; I love my MacBook Air and the kit that I choose to surround myself with, but they cannot give my body what it needs, and that is skin on skin human contact. The comfort of having my hand held cannot be replaced by a new iPod. In an age of ever decreasing human contact, massage is a safe place for the skin, and therefore the whole body, to find nurture, repair and comfort.

There are many things that massage helps with that we can look at a later date, but I think the basics are often overlooked - when skin is touched it changes the chemical and physical makeup of the body. It sends signals of pure calm to an overly stimulated body, and the peace that descends on my clients when they receiving a massage is not some hippy vibe, its a very well studied reaction to the simplest of human interactions - touch.

People ask me why massage should be a regular session in their calendar and how it works on an accumulation basis. Basically, the more safe touch that you your body can receive the more it learns and changes. It learns to calm, unravel, breathe and finds space. Learning is best done on a regular basis as our brains (heart, stomach and mind), forget very quickly and need to be reminded.

Touch reminds the body how awesome it is! Once the touch is there, we can move on to seeing just how magical the body is and how massage truly can help it to change.

We look forward to welcoming you to Cornerstone Therapies and offer you the space you need to enjoy a safe theraputic touch. To get in touch and book your sessions, just click on the photo below or give us a call.

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