• Jenny Walker

Moving To Maple

Cornerstone Therapies has always been a place that embraces functional dysfunction - you aren’t a textbook and will not move in the way the books describe. Life shifts, travels along unknown paths, leaves you changed, and my work in the studio, no matter where it has been based, has embraced that life pattern.

To allow dysfunction to alter into a fresh space we need to work towards healthy function, and that often requires giving space to the body, mind and soul. Stretch, breath and movement all come into play when we look at helping you through life changes.

And so when I look back over the past two years, I realise that I need to move myself into a healthier space to allow Cornerstone Therapies to function with ease and freedom. And so I am downsizing.

There’s been a lot that has happened and it is time to take stock, see how it has effected life and evolve into a simpler form. This means that from Saturday this week I shall be moving the studio just down the corridor from The Rose Suite to the Maple Suite 5.

Stepping In To A New Future

Maple is a smaller space, curved with some exposed brickwork walls, easterly facing to catch the morning sun and we will still be by the river. In fact it’s the same building, just a room down the path.

I will be operating on my own; with Advanced Clinical and Restorative Massage, and I shall be teaching some private students in massage and anatomy, taking a few stretch and awaken classes and writing. It is the same, but slightly different with peace being at the centre of the focus.

This approach to working will allow me to find new breath in my work with you, a fresh awakening and passion in my heart, and my mind will have freedom to work without being caught in a web.

I look forward to working with you, exploring new ways of easing you into healthy function that is right for your body and no one else’s, and above all smiling broadly into a new future.

See you in Maple from May 16th 2016!

Where to Find Cornerstone Therapies 
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