• Jenny Walker

The Season Of Discovery

Autumn has arrived. The trees are putting on their seasonal attire and blessing us with their rich colours. Pumpkins are looking golden in their skins and my kitchen is full of delightful smells from the slow-cooker this morning. Brownies are being made this afternoon.

September is the start of the new academic year for many; new stationary is collected, notepads are clipped into new files and backpacks are stuffed with textbooks that are yet to be dogeared.

This season brought two doors for me to open. The first was a wonderful opportunity to go back to the lab in St Andrews next summer and study further anatomy through dissection with Julian Baker and his team. I love going there as the atmosphere is just delightful, the teams are a joy to work with and I adore exploring the human form in depth.

The second door was a new, stranger one, a door that I didn’t recognise but was tempted by. Lorraine Davis is one of the leading Clinical Aromatherapists in the UK and she offered me time to learn with her for my diploma in the scientific art. On a one-to-one basis of learning, it was an offer not many would receive.

After a few weeks of thinking and a couple of glasses of wine consumed in the greenhouse, I chose to push the door into the unknown and spend the next 18 months with Lorraine and go deep into the chemistry and botany of essential oils and their clinical attributes.

Based in Herefordshire, Lorraine will be guiding me through study both at her training centre and whilst I am here in the studio. It will take time, there are exams to get through, case studies to compile, and logged practice time to acquire, but in truth, I am very relaxed and excited about it all.

As R.J.Buckel specifies, “Clinical aromatherapy is the controlled use of essential oils for specific outcomes that are measurable. These effects can occur at a physical or psychological level. The choice of essential oil is often based on the chemistry of the essential oil, as the chemistry will indicate the properties of the essential oil and thus the safest method of use. The choice of essential oil will also take into consideration the smell likes and dislikes of the patient.”

The clinical approach is to come along side my client, (just as I do with my Advanced Clinical Bodywork), and work with them and their care team to strengthen them as they heal. It is not to replace the medical science, but to bolster it and to care for the body, mind and spirit as my clients transition through different times.

This diploma will take my work to a new level of intensity and will allow me to blend the essences to differing therapeutic degrees, so that you will be able to be cared for not just on a soft tissue/muscle based approach, but also on a cellular level.

God’s beautiful creation in nature, I believe, holds the answers to our problems. How we respect the earth is testament to how we ultimately respect the gifts we are given, and our most precious gift is life.

To be allowed to venture further into nature is such a treat to me. I am looking forward to more lab time when it is right for me to do so, and that will enable me to step further into our inner cosmos. But for now, the time is right for me explore the wealth that the earth has to offer us.

I look forward to journeying through all this with you, and I really hope that you are as excited as I am to see how this can bring massage based bodywork into a new sphere of dynamic health.

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