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Love Vibrations

How do we blend essential oils, massage therapy, gifts for others and theology? Read on ...

The start to this new year has been a wonderful time, and as I sit down to write I cannot believe that we are over half way through the first month already. How can that be?

There are three big things that are bubbling away here that allow us to spread the season on love and hope to all over Valentine's day, as well as over the rest of the year.

Clinical Aromatherapy

Over the past three days I have been up in Herefordshire to spend time studying with Lorraine Davis for my diploma in Clinical Aromatherapy. This week we spent some time looking at the chemical compounds of oils and seeing how carbon, oxygen and hydrogen completely change the dynamics and health of the carrier oils and essences that we use. These wonderful compounds send off their own vibrational signatures when combined in different patterns, which we can see when we look at PIP Scans.

Adding more oxygen, (which is inherently unstable as a particle), to our essential oils over time by simply leaving the top off the bottle, can greatly shorten the life and therapeutic effect of every essence that we use. Adding light and heat will also degrade the product and in the majority of cases these three components make the oils unsafe to use when added.

We had a great time with a couple of Lorraine's students as I gave them some aromatherapy massage treatment and picked up some great tips for acupressure work around the face and head, along with energy work in the treatment room.

I am so grateful to be given the time to steep in a subject that I love so much, even with the written assignments on chemistry theory and case studies.

Valentine's Day

We are also enjoying the season of love vibrations this year with the gift vouchers, which are available through The Corner Shop and in the treatment studio. These are always a great gift to give to people who are in our lives, whether they are partners, husbands, wives, family or friends. I have never seen why Valentine's Day should be dedicated to a group of people who happen to have a "mate", I think it's a great day to tell all our mates that we love them and are happy that they are in our lives.

Other great ways to do something for those around us would be making a dinner with your flat mate or student house and sharing it over a prolonged evening. Make it special; lay the table, light the candles and chill out with each

other. If you know someone at work that needs encouragement, simply send them an email saying how much you appreciate the work they have done lately, or make them a coffee sometime.

Love doesn't have to be sexual and a big thing to show off; it's far too subtle at times for that. Seek it out in the small things, and allow them to bloom all around you and you will see it flourish like a garden in spring time.

The Vision Course

I as many of you know, I am a Christian and attend Emmaus Road Community Church in Guildford. I am very thankful that I am being given the time to study theology and discipleship over the next five months with the 24/7 team through The Vision course based in Guildford. We will be looking into how we can spread God's love over the people we meet on a daily basis and furthering our relationship with Jesus. This feels like pure indulgence, but the way that doors were opened for me at the right times and places for me to delve headlong into this has been amazing. It is 12 weeks of teaching over Mondays and Tuesdays, and I am delighted to be starting on January 31st.

I look forward to seeing you all in the studio soon, and if you want to book in, simply click this link and we can arrange a time for your next treatment.

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