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Spiritual Time On The Mat

Last week I popped a photo up on the Instagram account; Mindfulness and Christian Spirituality by Tim Stead was the content. I don't think I have had more comments or questions over an advertised blog post before. People spent the next three days emailing me, or asking during their massage sessions, how on earth I was able to bring spirituality, Jesus, the church and holistic living together in one place through massage at Cornerstone Therapies.

They are very valid questions, and over the last two decades I have grappled with all of it in almost every form at regular intervals. I have been a Christ-Follower for 22 years, and I have studied advanced clinical massage therapy since 1999. The two are interlinked and woven in to me on so many levels that I cannot undo the threads. They are part of me and I love them.

In truth there are as many facets to this whole spiritual walk. I find peace on the yoga mat, and through meditation. I love touch and connecting with the human form, and I feel safe when my heart, mind and body are connected. I revel in spiritual freedom and I am forever blessed to walk in a love based relationship with Jesus.

But Cornerstone Therapies is not the right forum to talk about it all. I want Cornerstone Thearpies to remain a space where all are welcome, where all can find their own space and walk into a place of peace and ease on their own terms.

So, I have created a new blog space; Jesus On The Yoga Mat.

This is the place where I am free to express my own desires, thoughts and spiritual walk. I would love to invite you over to have a read and find about my journey. I have no doubt that here will be some cross over with Cornerstone Therapies on the new blog, but I shall keep this space free from here on in.

So, there will not be a book review here of Rev. Tim Stead's book, however, I shall be working it through over on the other bog!

I look forward to connecting with you all on all the platforms and hope that this new week finds you well and filled with peace.

Jenny x

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