• Jenny Walker

The Journal

Last week I was curled up on the sofa writing my reflective journal for the past couple of days at the studio. Ideas float into my mind about bodywork, wellness, holistic practices and I now have dozens of journals, (the past 18 months has seen the above pile being collected), filled with thoughts, notations, sketches and small essays; none of which have been published as I didn’t think that they were of much interest to anyone but my cat.

A lot of my time outside the studio is spent with friends, and we drink a lot of caffeine and eat a diet with the core element of cake. Over the past six months I have slowly started to gently talk about my ideas about contemplative living, holistic wellness and spiritual direction. What surprised me the most is that they didn’t laugh at me but started a very healthy dialogue which has broadened my root base and helped grow my confidence.

This morning was a classic case. I was meeting with three beautiful friends and one started to talk about their partner’s aches as it had really shocked them both that the experienced pain wasn’t because of a sustained injury, but through chronic stress. At this point I admit I just put my head on the table and pretended to cry.

As I was walking home by the river watching the final leaves of the autumn fall I stood and realised that there is a place for a well meaning, educational based blog, and I have written for over 15 years on different platforms about trigger points, anatomy, massage and pain patterns. But today, for the first time, I think I have found the freedom to just follow my passion instead of what I feel I am supposed to fill this space with. I am passionately in love with this thing called life, in all its human forms.

The Journal that I keep is something that I would like to outwardly share, (all be it post a heavy edit). Thoughts that have been rattling around during the week, themes and ideas about my practice and insights into the world of advanced, clinic based massage, holos living with a spiritual connection.

Massage is a blended artisan skill; it takes training in art, philosophy, science and a lot of practice to make a good Massage Therapist. It is time to broaden this out, find my voice, and step into the colour pallet that I have at my finger tips.

Welcome to my reflections; it’s only taken me eighteen years to find my courage, and I hope you enjoy what I have to share.

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