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The Breath of Summer

We are heading into the depths of summer; one of the most luxurious times of the year. The pressure is off in August; a whole month stretches before me that will be filled with cooling citrus and fresh herb oils in the studio, lunches filled with salads and fruit bowls, and sunny days off with nothing but the beach.

I breathe deep in the summer, and this year I feel that I have been treated with the most glorious time. As I am not going away on vacation, the hot sunny days that have stretched for weeks have been a particular blessing in my life. This is the time of year that I allow my mind to ponder on what has been going on at Cornerstone Therapies for the past twelve months and what I can look forward to and enjoy over the horizon.

The last year has seen a gentle, yet spirited energy come into the treatment studio. We, (that is my cat Mr Finchley and I,) decided to open the studio for a full five days a week, which has enabled more of you to enjoy time on the treatment couch, with late afternoons, evenings and Saturdays being the most popular times to rest, restore and find space in the diary for regular massage sessions.

Morning times are also a joy. I often find that the early sessions are quite a vibrant time and I enjoy setting people up for the day with uplifting scents, energising massage and we tend to focus on specific projects in these times. It's fun and lively, and as long as I get a coffee in at around 11:30 we are golden!

What I was expecting to do this year was to spend time with Gabriel Mojay to complete my clinical aromatherapy diploma. I am still technically a student in this subject, three years on, and just need to carve out twelve months to finish the chemistry and botany research. However, I have decided to wait until 2019. The reason? It's actually been really nice to have a whole year to concentrate on Cornerstone Therapies. It takes time to run a business, and this year is the first in five where there hasn't been any outside stress or pressure, and I have been revelling in getting back into the swing of things on a daily and weekly routine. Monday is the housekeeping day, Thursday mornings are office days, and lunch times as email catch-ups. To have actually written these and other habits in the diary has bought me the peace that my mind and heart needed, and I am happy to sit with this pace for a while longer.

Over August and September, there are a few things in the studio that need to happen. Mainly the painting as the walls need to be scuff free and I want to change the furniture around a little. When you come for your next appointment, you may find a new pot plant or two in the studio, along with a filing cabinet and a couple of lamps.

I am keeping it simple in the next few months. Although it's almost impossible to think about today in the heat of the mid-afternoon, in twelve weeks time, we will be roasting pumpkins and setting light to rockets. Autumn will be with us soon, and for me, that is the time I start thinking about the way the oils change their dynamics in the blending process and how our bodies will naturally be seeking warmth in the form of hot stones and thick socks.

I think it is important to rest in the seasons that we are in, and enjoy them when we have them, both metaphorically and physically. However, there is still a time to move and change which is also great to do. In this vein, you will notice that I am moving Cornerstone Therapies into a new phase and out of the colour scheme and tone that I had used since 2004 when I opened. It's time to refresh, change a couple of things on the website and get some information printed for you guys to take away from the studio to have at home, (or easily downloadable if that is easier for you).

The other part of the change is that I am officially linking the knitting teaching that I offer to Cornerstone Therapies! (I am hoping to find time to set up my own small company for it, but for now I am just keeping it simple!) For the first year, I am holding classes and courses independently created by myself and without affiliation to a store. I have enjoyed teaching the art form for the past three years and want to bring a more extensive awareness of how it can help mental health and mindfulness as well as clearing the crazy in our lives. They are always fun with much laughter, but you will see more of it here on the blog, on the website and in the treatment room. So watch out!

I am at home this afternoon sorting through piles of old student notes, but I have also picked my second haul of blackberries from the hedge by my front door. I feel a crumble in the making.

Thank you for reading, and I look forward to seeing you in the studio soon.

With blessings, Jenny x

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