• Jenny Walker

Into The Future

The future is bright, exciting, fresh and unknown, and I cannot wait to dive straight in as we celebrate another year here at the studio.

Cornerstone Therapies celebrated it’s 14th birthday this February, and as I look back on all that has happened, I am filled with gratefulness, appreciation and love for all of those who have helped me get to this point. To my mentors, teachers, family and friends, but most of all my clients, I want to hand you all an Oscar and say “Well done - we did it!”.

I have been enjoying the delights of classical remedial, advanced clinical, and now aromatherapy, based Bodywork (and skin care) for the past nineteen years this coming September, and if I knew in 1999 what I know now I would never have believed it. I have achieved so much, but all it would have been of little good if it didn’t get us to the point where my clients and I can see pain patterns tamed and encouraged to go away, migraines mitigated, neck pain sorted and back and general joint pain told to take a hike.

What we see at Cornerstone Therapies on a daily basis is the clear and obvious trend to higher levels of wellbeing and better all-around health. Blood pressure drops as people relax, we hold space for laughter and tears as we go through life ups and downs, and with regular sessions mental health is improved with peace-filled space that allows you to unwind and find a new sense of self.

And people ask me why I love my work!

The next season at Cornerstone Therapies offers up some exciting times. My adventure into the world of aromatherapy and botany starts in May, as well as my studies to go further in the field of anatomical science and clinical massage; this is all so that I can offer you the most up to date answers to your questions when it comes to holistic health and wellbeing.

The benefits that can be seen with the investment into regular massage cannot be underestimated. As massage is something that builds on an accumulative effect with regular sessions every two or three weeks, it offers you a way to feel better both now and in the future. Muscle tension and myofascial pain are released and then maintained in a state of calm. This is only achieved when the time is carved out in the diary and budgets are dedicated to a long-term outlook to your personal overall health.

For me, my time on the massage couch is vital so that I can function when stresses and strains occur both physically and mentally. With every 90 minute session that I enjoy, I learn how to go deeper into a state of relaxation; my mind quietens that much quicker and my body calms. Over time my adrenals have been brought down to a normal functioning level, and my stress is controlled without spiking into the heavens.

As we look into the season to come, I am looking forward to discovering new blends with the essential oils so that you can be assured that the chemical compounds that are delivered into your body are gently powerful and perfect every single time. As I start hanging out at Kew this summer to check out the plants where the oils come from, I am keen to come back with incredible facts and stories about how the natural world can be harnessed for our use. These gentle offerings from Mother Nature are simply awe-inspiring.

I am also looking forward to some workshops where other Professional Bodyworkers are going to take some time to look at my style of massage and show me where I can fine tune my work and hone my talents. Their input into how I use my toolkit will enable me to tighten up the treatments here at the studio so that I can bring you even better and more effective sessions. Wow! Can you imagine?!

As we all look towards a fresh start, I encourage you to take a breath with me and enjoy this moment so that we can jump with two feet over the start line.

I look forward to seeing you at the studio soon.

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