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It seems that the best way to give me indigestion is to allow me ten minutes on Google looking up Massage Training. The result is me taking natural antacids, panicking for anyone looking for a therapist in their area, and ranting about on my blog, so please read on with that warning in mind. At the end you'll find my general suggestions about how to stay safe when your'e booking a massage, (and believe me, I am appalled that this has to even be written).

This morning was a case in point; I went to my local tech college site to see if they were offering holistic therapy courses as they had in the past; they don't any longer it seems. This answer led me to search for massage training in my county, and I was dismayed to learn that over the past few years there have been a plethora of short two day courses come to the surface that will allow you to become a fully fledged massage therapist.

The deal is quite simple; read a load of online material, take a test online, and then pop along to a two-day seminar to "learn the moves and techniques", that will allow you to touch people, minister to them, and help them conquer their stress, pain pathways and pathologies.

You don't need to sit through interactive lectures exploring the inner cosmos of the anatomical form. Why bother wasting your time learning from experts in chemistry and aromatherapy? It's a pain meeting other human beings in your spare time, so why leave your house? It's not like offering massage therapy requires you to have exceptional and practised communication skills. It's o.k, learning professional boundary setting over an extended period in a safe, nurturing treatment learning environment is of no importance. And boy, learning how to set up a business is a piece of cake, just read a ten-page online course.

To say that language came out of my mouth that would make a sailor blush would have been too mild a statement.

After pacing around my apartment, raging at my cat, (who promptly fell back to sleep), and then tipping the overstimulation point by making a coffee, I calmed down enough to pound out my annoyance in a semi-coherent blog which you, my dear reader, are reading.

Personally, my imagination cannot stretch to hiring a therapist or having a massage treatment from someone, who has had a two-day seminar sign off for their course. But who would know before booking a session? A pretty website, (pink seems to be the dubious colour choice at present), and some testimonials and bingo, you are up and running as a massage therapist in your area.

My nineteen years of pretty consistent training in advanced clinical massage, (I had a two-year break for personal reasons), combined with my teaching diploma, has led to a successful business. When broken down, Cornerstone Therapies success should purely be measured by the fact that my clients get better, and more often than not, stay better, with continued treatment becoming the backbone of their monthly routines. Pain pathways, anxiety, blood pressure, insomnia, you name it, we see it reduce and relax over time here at the studio.

Do I need to keep doing the training sessions, should I invest in the away days studying botany, and is there any more I can learn in this subject of advanced clinical, restorative and aromatherapy massage? The joy of massage is that it never stops unfurling. Massage is a blend of science, art, philosophy, insights into the human condition, spirituality and being aware of the environment as it shapes and moulds us.

An online course doesn't even get to the tip of the iceberg; it leaves you on a sinking ship looking at the ice in my opinion.

And why should I care about these online courses? I'm great at what I do, so why allow my body to hit overdrive on the subject? The reason is simple; YOU.

You deserve the very best hands on your body as you sink into a state of gentle and restorative healing. Your monthly budgets and diary plans are shaped by healing sessions with a Professional when you decided to make massage part of your healthcare system. Those budgets, let alone your self, should not be abused by rubbish sessions by people with inadequate training.

With over 20,000 hours of experience on the massage couch, let alone the study time, I can guarantee you that your time with me at Cornerstone Therapies will not be wasted. If you are not in my area, then I urge you to check out who you are booking in with and ask the questions that you need to ask. Where was your therapist trained, who long was the training, was it in an institute dedicated to professional, goal orientated outcomes for the clients?

There are phenomenal colleges and institutions out there, The Jing Institute of Advanced Massage, The Institute of Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, Lorraine Davis Holistic Healthcare and Education Centre, are just three that I am connected to and have studied through. All colleges should be able to confirm the curriculum and student history, so please do email or call the ones your therapist is affiliating themselves with if you have questions.

Massage is here for you to enjoy, and safe hands make that entirely possible.

To book your session with me, click this link and schedule your time in the treatment room soon. I look forward to seeing you soon.

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