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Elderly Couple Practising Yoga

The health and safety policy for your peace of mind. 

We have been through quite a time in 2020 with the Co-Vid 19 pandemic. Here at Cornerstone Therapies, your health and safety is paramount, which is why Jenny has always had a strict code for running the studio.


All the linens are single-use, and then professionally laundered with Mazzi Laundry, who is also used by our local hospital.

Hot stones are used, but only on your body! Once they have been used in the massage session, they are never resubmerged into the water tank. They are scrubbed and disinfected after each use, which is in accordance with Jenny's insurance company policy, held through Balens Ltd Insurance Group


Massage is a touch-based therapy, and Jenny is strict where handwashing is concerned. Clients are asked to wash their hands before each session.


Bookings are made with the client's awareness that transfer is a minimal risk. Due to the nature of the therapy involved, the risk of infection cannot be eliminated entirely.

What are Clinical Massage and Bodywork?


Bodywork is the overarching term used for all types of rehabilitation based massage and movement therapy. Here at Cornerstone Therapies, Jenny encourages her clients to embrace the harmonious combination of this unique style of holistic wellness.


Massage based Bodywork is designed around your needs, which means that techniques are blended to bring ease in your body and mind. Often this includes introducing warmth or coolness with the use of stones, myofascial release, massage with oils, trigger point work and stretching.


Massage therapy is an ancient form of neutral touch. It encourages the body to self-heal gently. Massage is fantastic for all who want to embrace a well-rounded approach to your holistic wellbeing.

I'm looking for a specific massage style, is that o.k?

Some people want to book a specific form of the bodywork discipline, (for example Hot Stones, Sports Therapy or Myofascial Release). If this is best for you, let us know Jenny when you book in as she will then make sure that the studio is ready to go before your session. 

What do I wear for my sessions? 


Jenny uses organic oils, (some are nut-based), and so it is best to wear clothes that you don't mind having oil stains on them! As well as this, there are times when Jenny teaches you how to stretch and move at home. For both these reasons, yoga or gym wear is best.