Turning The Ship

August 8, 2017


As I write this sitting in my living room my cat, Mr Finchley, and  I are watching the rain fall out of a blue sky. I guess that must mean it’s August. 




It’s been a great time over the past couple of months as I have taken time to take a look at Cornerstone Therapies and value the depths of it’s roots into advanced clinical and restorative massage. I have also taken time to explore the spreading holistic ideas and ideals around it, which has meant curating the blog posts and reading over work and newsletters.


In past forms, blogs have focused on everything from organic aromatherapy oils and massage, making home made bread, neck and butt pain, enjoying staycations, skin care and whole-foods. Healthy ways to keep crafting also got a mention a couple of times. 


Looking through the archives has been fun. It’s been great to see how far I have come in my own understanding of what advanced massage techniques can offer people suffering with long term/chronic pain, as well as those seeking help with stress or injuries. I’ve loved plumbing the depths of knowledge about how I can be a helping hand in breaking pain patterns, as equally as enjoying working out oil blends to help people feel nurtured and experience a deep night’s sleep. The journey never ends, and I am pleased to say that I feel that the next year has a lot to offer in the way of putting learning in to practice at the studio. 


With such an array of interests that form the edges of my work at Cornerstone Therapies, such as theology and spiritual development, photography, art, knitting, cooking, reading, sustainability for our planet, business and mentoring, as well as time spent rinsing Netflix, it could be argued that I need to focus the business side of life to just massage. 




This has been a big debate with friends and colleagues lately, and I think I am finding a path through the conversations. 


Cornerstone Therapies is about holistically living today, on our planet, and helping people find and easier journey into peace and understanding in their body, mind, heart and soul. 


My work is holistic, which is why I think it would be very strange if I left out the elements that make my life whole, and ignore them when looking at the very thing that gives me focus and drive - making people feel better through therapeutic massage. 


Be it aromatherapy, a bowl of cherries, or a drive to the beach, I feel there is a link between it all that drives us to find an easier state of being, and so I am shifting the business in a new direction, and I am inviting you to join the ride with me! 


Over the next few months we are going to be working on redoing everything that comes to you from the studio. A new colour pallet, which will be brighter and warmer, is being devised that embraces the warm ochre tones and nurturing teals. Photos from JJWalker Photography will be mixed with my own, and the feel will be professional, but fun. The studio is getting a fresh lick of paint at the end of August, and some new art work is being framed up. The website is being re-written and there is even a schedule being drawn up for regular social media updates through the month. 




After looking at Cornerstone Therapies the element that had been missing, in my opinion, was the fun of life! Massage is great fun to give and to receive, and it cannot be boxed up into something that it isn’t; white and clinical just doesn’t hack it. I treat people, not problems, and I want my work to reflect the best we can be at the time we are doing this thing called life. 


So, with Merel Keuning offering Reflexology for the feet, as well The Zone Face Lift in the studio on Tuesdays and Thursdays each week, I'm also looking at collaborating online with other writers and producers. Articles about scummy paleo recipes, ethical back packs, ocean happy lunch boxes, and christmas crafting, I am really excited for the next few months at Cornerstone Therapies. 




As I swing this boat around, I hope that you enjoy the changes with me. They won’t all come at once, but when they appear I’m sure you’ll notice! 


I look forward to seeing you soon at the studio, and hope that you have a great end to the summer; rainbows and all. 


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