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February 6, 2018



Back in 1999 when I was sitting my Beauty Therapy exams, (yep, I did leg waxing to pay my way through my degrees), part of the results were marked in how well you could put together an advert for the Yellow Pages. There were no social media platforms offering free business sites, streaming video, and photograph content was not on the horizon, and in fact the world was without an I-Pod. So as I was listening to Jamiroquai on my CD Walkman, I was working out the wording for a printed and circulated 3x4 inch ad that had a yearly subscription.


During the last 18 years I have become a YouTube addict where Melissa Maker has helped me clean my house from top to toe without chemical residue, and Dave Ramsey has taught me some very valuable business lessons with the Baby Steps. I love BBC iPlayer and I am totally enthralled with the yarn blogs from Purl Soho, Loop of London, and A Wooden Nest


So when the WiFi was cut off this past week in my home due to a change in moving dates, I felt like my oxygen supply had been cut off. My house mate and I have found ourselves listening to audio books, enjoying a rather unique form of silence and reporting deep nine hour sleeps as we chatted over the breakfast table. Have we missed it? Yes. The blunt truth is that cafe surfing for wifi takes time. It’s only been a few days and we are now planning our downloads when we are out and about with such care we could almost go into military strategy. 


But since Christmas I have committed the cardinal sin that would have seen me retake my business module in college; I have been off social media with Cornerstone Therapies. My news feed has been flakey, my newsletters have not been written and my blog has yet to celebrate the new year.


Why is this? Flu and moving house. 


In January I was down and out with flu for two weeks and then I was hit with a cold three days after I got my feet on the carpet. And then I had a house move fall through. January was a very boring month for y’all, and one I was very pleased to say goodbye to. 


For this small offering of a blog, I thought I would make it slightly more personal and let you know where I am. 


For all who ask me; “Do you take pain killers?”, let me reassure you that I am fully human and no holistic goddess. I think I literally lived off paracetamol and chicken noodle soup for ten days during my flu, thanks to my neighbour who lovingly brought me hot steaming bowls of broth. Pain is real, and when your skin hurts at the very thought of a shower, you need as much help as you can chemically get. No amounts of Inula oil would have helped at that point. We live in a great age where I can blend a basic inhalations whilst thanking Beecham's. 


As for the house move, my cat, Mr Finchley, is now throughly bored of planning new and ever changing pathways through the boxes. I was supposed to move house to the other side of the town  last week, but now I am moving 30 houses down the road on February 12th. Stress is another thing that hits, even when you have such a relaxing work structure as mine. When houses fall through three days before move date, the adrenal glands kick up a few notches for sure. When this happens, for me at least, I find myself enjoying big chocolate buttons and pretzels as my go-to snack and fish and chips for dinner with a glass of wine. The fact that I am really quite healthy for 90% of the year allows me to be slack now, at least that’s what I’m telling myself. 





If you follow my personal Instagram account, you would have been more aware of what was going on, as it’s easier to communicate daily “stuff” on that platform than trying to put a professional shine on things. There is no professional illusion that can make rinsing Netflix whilst feeling ill look like the perfect holistic lifestyle. I could not hashtag or filter my way out of that one. 


So as I sit here now, with my cooling cup of tea, my sleeping cat and an old CD playing in the background that I found at the back of a cupboard I was clearing out, I can totally understand why some people were asking what was happening with Cornerstone Therapies in 2018. 




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