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Cornerstone News is the subscription-based round up of all things going on and where you are invited to join the life and soul of the studio here in Godalming, Surrey. If you are looking for tips and tricks, advice and stories from the world of wellbeing, health and research, you have found the right place, and I am delighted to welcome you. 

This is a new space on the website where a rolling history of six-month back editions can found for you to enjoy.

MAY 2020

Unfurling from the fear that has rampaged the country, I am putting my feet on the foundation that a heart at peace brings life to the body. 

APRIL 2020

As we go into week five of lockdown, I want to take this opportunity to say, well done! I know it's tough, hard going and really annoying, but you are doing great. 

MARCH 2002

I have learned a great lesson this week; kindness is a beautiful infection.

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